Let’s Go for a Scroll!

Before we take you to the new barrywehmiller.com, we invite you to scroll through this page to see its updates and features. The new site is designed to offer a more complete picture of the entire BW organization and help our wide variety of audiences understand how we are using the power of our business to change lives.

Modern Makeover.

From big, bold photos of the people who make our business possible, to headlines that paint a vivid picture, to hand-drawn design elements, we know a site visitor’s experience is enhanced with content that is value-adding and visuals that make them want to stick around.

One Big Family!

For the first time ever, all of BW’s platforms—our traditional industrial manufacturing businesses, as well as our leadership consulting platform and even our investment group BW Forsyth Partners—are represented on the home page of the BW site, showcasing the impressive breadth of our vibrant global and growing organization. Tying our businesses more closely to Barry-Wehmiller helps them benefit from BW’s growing visibility as a brand that is making a positive social impact through our efforts to promote caring workplace cultures and better business leadership. We’re proud of our global organization and our message and we want the world to know all that we offer!

Two Clicks Max.

Whether a site visitor is looking for the BW company that specializes in form-fill-seal rigid packaging, support to transform their corporate culture, or what BW looks for when considering an acquisition, we take their search process seriously. That’s why we challenged ourselves to simplify the navigation and menu, strengthen the site’s search capability, and get our visitors where they want to be in two clicks or less. Not only does this improve the user experience, but it also gets potential leads quickly to our businesses’ sites to capture the domain authority they deserve.

A New Calling Card.

When you get to the new site, be sure to check out our new overview video of who we are and what we do. It will make you proud to be part of an organization fiercely determined to build a better company and a better world! Why not share it with your friends and colleagues?

Leadership Content that Reaps Big Benefits!

With our Truly Human Leadership blog now merged into the BW site, the blog’s 350 (and growing weekly!) posts, podcasts and videos will draw many new visitors to the BW site—and potentially, our business sites too—helping to improve Google rankings for the entire family! Not to mention, the great insights we share on the THL blog help others improve the way they lead their businesses and care for the lives within their spans of care. Plus, when potential new team members come to our site, there is a wealth of information about our company and culture, showing them why they should join our family. The THL blog, like BW, creates value for all stakeholders! Become a subscriber when you check it out!

Brand Brightening.

We’ve tweaked the BW logo by shortening the tagline and created a new secondary icon. The added red swoosh is designed to draw greater attention to our higher purpose—a better world–as well as pay homage to the red of our past logos. It also subtly connects us to the red overtones of the brand identity of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, which is helping BW shape the future of business through their growing body of work.

Celebrating our Milestones.

Our more robust history section offers a detailed and immersive archive of the nearly 150-year journey of BW, from our humble beginning as a provider of equipment to the brewing industry to the diversified, multi-national, multi-market essential business we are today. Fun facts and interesting tidbits abound!

Best Place to Work.

The careers page (Join Our Team) includes a more detailed and comprehensive look at what it means to work at Barry-Wehmiller, including testimonials from team members who share that the benefits that come from working for a company that cares are some of the most valuable perks of all!

Work Can Be FUN!

Gallup found that the number one source of happiness among people around the world is a good job working alongside people we care about. Our new “Inside Look at Our Culture” section showcases how much we care about each other and the fun we have doing it. Have a pic you think we should include?  Send it to us!

We Speak Your Language! — COMING SOON

Well, we may not speak your language but we are committed to translating the site into the language you prefer to speak. Every month, our site is visited by thousands of people from all over the globe.  That’s why we’re in the process of adding an auto translate plug in so that anyone who stops by can learn more about our great business and culture.

Join the Brand Band.

Just like BW cannot change the world alone, our team cannot share the awesome BW story alone. Please join us on the journey by sharing our new site, our content on the THL blog or BW posts from your favorite social media channel. It’s how you can contribute to building the better world we imagine!

Proud Storytellers.

It has been the BW Communications Team’s distinct honor to tell the BW story through this new website. We’ve worked hard this past year to properly position our businesses and brands and the people who make them possible, in spite of a global pandemic with its travel restrictions and social distancing that made photoshoots nearly impossible and in-person team brainstorm sessions challenging. Special thanks to all who allowed us to put their faces—very BIG faces!— on the new site. We felt strongly that the homepage needed to dramatically feature our team members, the true heartbeat of our vibrant organization.

And now, without further ado...

Visit the New BW Site